The Avenues - Riyadh: The future of urban architecture in Riyadh

A concept that combines the spirit of originality and Najd’s heritage along with the spirit of modern architecture, Shomoul Holding Company reveals the new designs of the “The Avenues – Riyadh” inspired by the style of the Salmani Architecture.

The Avenues – Riyadh will become one of the largest malls in the region, and is considered one of the most important initiatives from the private sector due to the added value it brings to thr Kingdom, economically, culturally and urbanely, all in a strategic location in the heart of Riyadh city.

The Avenues – Riyadh supports Riyadh City vision to excel in urban development, and will be in the forefront of future archeticure development in the private sector, whilst reserving the essence and spirit of the city making it a destination for tourism in Riyadh.

The Avenues – Riyadh is one of the key economic forces to drive the tourism sector, with what It will be offering the city's residents and visitors, with an exquisite urban building equipped with modern facilities that expresses efficiency, sustainability, identity, and originality, providing a one of a kind shopper’s experience, with unique entertainment and international hospitality, that competes with international standards which is one of the key elements of the Kingdom's 2030 vision.